1. What are the costs of an online training (WBT)?

The online courses are available at different user fees. You will receive the information as soon as you select a course by using the “Book” button. If you are not making a decision for a booking, then the booking process can be canceled directly there.

2. How will the fee-based online training be paid?

You can store and administer invoice addresses in your user account. An invoice address must be listed for each fee-based course booking. The respective usage fees will be invoiced to this invoice address.

3. How much time do I have to complete a booked online training?

Your user account on the Online Learning Portal displays the length of time that the booked online course is available to you. However, from an educational viewpoint we recommend to complete the courses in a time-based context, to achieve the best possible learning result. Please note (independent of this booking time period) deadlines that were possibly set, for example, by the ID card office. Deadline statements are always higher ranking than booking periods.

4. What is important for a flawless execution?

For safety reasons, the access to the learning content is timely restricted. Please close the presentation window if you take a break. Call the learning content up again from the overview page if you want to continue. This ensures that you do not work on courses offline. Working offline means that the processing status will not be recorded and the course completion may not be achieved.

5. What are the technical requirements that my PC must fulfill?

  • Size of the monitor: starting at 10”
  • Screen resolution: at least 1024 x 768
  • Browser: current versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge or Safari
  • Sound card and sound audibly on
  • Safe and failure-free connection to the Internet

6. What happens if my PC dos not meet the technical requirements?

The program can normally no longer be operated, because the required function keys are not displayed. This happens mainly if the browser is not compatible or if the OC does not have any sound or if the sound is switched off (soundless).

7. Who can I contact if I have problems?

Your first contact person is always your supervisor or the IT representative of your company. As a matter of principle, Internet applications only work if the local PC settings are correct and therefore you initially should look for help from a local contact person.

Please contact our contact person if you and your employer cannot find a solution for your problem. The contact person can be found in the Information area section contact

8. What can I do if I cannot successfully complete an online training within the specified number of attempts?

If a course is not passed, then the course can be repeated with cost.

9. How do I receive the required certificates, training certifications or participation confirmations?

The certificate is immediately available to you as soon as an online training with a certificate has been successfully completed. The certificate badge will be temporarily displayed in the course area.

For the entire validity duration, you have access to your acquired certificates in the Profile ► booking overview area.