Terms for participation

Company offering the course, contact
Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), legally represented by the general managers Jost Lammers, Nathalie Leroy and Jan-Henrik Andersson, Nordallee 25, 85326 Munich, provides an offering of online courses under the following terms. Deviating terms of the user are not applicable, even if FMG does not object to them explicitly.

Deviating verbal or phone-based agreements need a written confirmation by FMG to become effective. The written form can be satisfied by an email if not agreed otherwise.

These terms are applicable for all courses listed on the Online Learning Portal. This offering is explicitly directed at companies and not at consumers.

The registration in the Online Learning Portal is free of charge and this is how the user obtains its personal user account.

Booking of courses
The courses listed in the user account can subsequently be booked.

Seminar price, due date and payment
Usage fees are presented in a transparent manner during the booking and after the closing they will be invoiced to the selected invoice address. The usage fees do not include the legal sales tax. The invoice amount is due 10 days after the invoice date and the amount must be transfered without deductions to one of the listed accounts.

Training certification
In case of a successful completion of an online course with a “Certificate”, a “Certificate” is available for download in the "booking overview” area for the entire validity time period and it is free of charge.

As a matter of principle, the cancellation of already booked courses is not possible. A cancellation request can, in individual cases, be addressed in writing to the responsible contact at the AirportAcademy/FMG by listing the special circumstances.

Liability of the user
The user is liable for all consequences and disadvantages that are caused for the supplier or a third party due to the improper or illegal use of the services or that are caused by the user because the user does not fulfill its obligations. The supplier reserves the right to investigate the instances in case of a suspicion of an improper use or major contract violation, to take appropriate precautions and - in case of a justified suspicion - to possibly block the access of the user to the contents until the suspicion has been resolved and/or to end the contract relationship without notice in case of especially severe violations. This would result in the immediate blockage of the user account. The blockage will be lifted as soon as the user dispels the existing suspicion.

Liability restrictions
FMG does not accept any liability for disadvantages or damages that may be generated by an announced as well as a technology based failure of the online platform (e.g. maintenance work).

Version of the terms and conditions: 11/2022